Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Follow up appt.

Ryan had his follow up appt. today with our Pedi. He weighed 22 lbs. when we left the hospital (had gone in at 24lbs. 10oz). Today my little piglet weighed 25lbs. 10oz. He gained 3lbs 10 oz in 6 days!!!! I knew he was eating well, but goodness. He is still a little crabby, but the Dr. explained that he is pretty much going through something similiar to post traumatic stress disorder. Tomorrow he has is appt. with the neurologist and a repeat EEG, so the Pedi. said it will probably be pretty stressful on Ryan and he will be crabby for a while yet. We don't think it is related to his seizure med at this time. He can be very happy and playful, just when he wants something he has no patience and has a huge meltdown- not like Ryan. The Dr. said he probably regressed some too.

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