Wednesday, August 15, 2007

3rd seizure

I don't know how to even start this- so here goes.
2:30 am Tuesday August 14, 2007 Ryan has a fever and a bad cough
6:30 am Tuesday Ryan continues with his fever and cough- made Dr. appt
10 am Dr. appt. Ryan has the beginnings of Croup (where your upper airway swells- barky cough) She sends us home with a steriod to help open his airway
2:30 pm Ryan cries everytime he coughs and is having a harder time breathing- I am having a very hard time getting meds and fluids in him
4:30 pm I decide it is time to take him to the ER- I wait 5-10 minutes for my dad to get home from work to come with me
4:42 pm- Ryan start to seize and I call 911
Ryan had a seizure for 20 minutes- they gave him medicine to stop the seizure, but because of his croup he is having a very hard time breathing. In the ER they decide it is best to put in a breathing tube, sedate him, and help him breathe. So, we are in the ICU and Ryan continues to be sedated and on a ventilator. He had a good night and now we need the swelling in his upper airway to heal. The neurologist will come see him today and decide what needs to be done about his seizures. I am sick to my stomach trying to keep it together. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

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