Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Ryan's appt. went well. We are to continue his antibiotics for pneumonia and just keep an eye on him. He hasn't had a fever since Sun. He does act like he doesn't feel the greatest. He has a runny nose and gets tired easily. I wish we would get some warm weather, so he can get over all this yuck! We are suppose to get 6 more inches of snow by tomorrow- grrr

Saturday, April 7, 2007

1st seizure

Sat. started out a normal day and ended in the ER. We went to RJ's family for Easter lunch. Ryan ran around, played with the cousins, and ate an okay lunch. Then we went to my parents' house for Easter supper. Ryan was getting crabby and I thought it was because he was getting hungry. I put him in his highchair. RJ was sitting next to Ryan and feeding him supper. He acted like he was done eating and getting fussy. I gave him a spoon to keep him happy until we were done eating. 10 seconds later my sister said what is he doing? I looked over and he was having a grand mal seizure in his highchair! I took him out and started doing back thruts, not sure if he was choking or not. I laid him on the floor and he continue to seize. His eyes were rolled back and to the right, he was arching his back and his arms and legs were straight out and shaking. RJ called 911 and they came very quickly and took him to the hospital. Ryan has been healthy. They took blood, started an IV, put a bag on him to get urine and took an x-ray. He has pneumonia. He had a febrile seizure- he temp was only 99.3 under the arm at home after his seizure and 101.2 rectal at the hospital. He came home that night and is on antiboitics. RJ said it took 15 years off his life- he was pretty scared. I thankfully have seen seizures before, eventhough it was MY son having one, I kept it together until we got to the hospital- then I was in the bathroom- sick to my stomach. I took work off today and we have been sleeping together on the living room floor. He gets around the clock Tylenol and Motrin for 48 hours. He started coughing today and is stuffed up. He goes in for a Dr. appt. tomorrow. I am a paranoid mom now- watching him and feeling him to see if he is even a little warm. He even knows what to do with the thermometer- puts it under his arm- so very cute!