Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Neurologist Appt.

Ryan had his neurologist appt yesterday and things are looking very good. He goes back in Jan. 09 (6 months) and will have his EEG done and if that is normal he will go off his meds!!!! I know in my heart everything is okay and he will be/ is fine. I feel safe to say Aug. 14th he will be seizure free for 1 year. His dose has not changed since he was 18 months and he weighed 22 lbs. He is now 30lbs! He has gained 3 lbs in the last 6 months- I was shocked at this. He has always been a peanut. So in a way he is already weaning off the meds. We had a good day. We had a very nice brunch with my aunt before Ryan's appt. His appt is 1 1/2 hours away from home, near the Mall of America and Ikea, so we went there for awhile and then went to another aunt's house and went swimming in her in ground pool- very nice since it was 94 degrees with an heat index of 100! Before making the trip home. Just thought I'd update. Oh and I almost forgot the neurologist was very impressed with Ryan- said he was very smart and cute- melts my heart. I know that he really meant it and wasn't just saying- I used to work with this Dr. and he doesn't usually say much.