Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Home from the hospital

He is HOME!!!!Ryan was discharge today at about 12:30. He is doing great! He is sleeping on the couch and he is oh so cute. So nice to see him there! I hope to get some pictures on here real soon! Oh- get this the meds Ryan has to have if he is having a seizure cost $279.00!!!! I almost fell over when they told me. This a one time dose that I give him if he should have another seizure. He is on anti-seizure meds so hopefully we won't ever have to use it. I was going to get 3 of them (one for our house, one for grandma's and one for daycare). But the cost of one is high enough. I have work off until Sept. 4th. RJ has the rest of the week off. Ryan has his dr. appt with his regular dr. on the 28th and then the big appt. with the ped. neurologist on the 29th- he will determine if Ryan has a seizure disorder or not.

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