Thursday, August 16, 2007

Code Blue

We had a scary morning today- they ended up calling a code blue. Ryan's steriods are starting to work and because of this he has lots of room around the breathing tube. So instead of the air going to his lungs it was leaking out into his mouth/stomach. His oxygen sats dropped (60's) and then his heart rate dropped (80's). He should be 94 and above for his oxygen and 130's for his heart rate. The called a code blue and then took out his breathing tube since it wasn't doing any good and started bagging him. Because he is sedated he takes some breathes, but not enough. Thankfully we are right next to the NICU and the NP came and put a new breathing tube back in very quickly. He is back to his normal/good vital signs and sedated. They all did a very good job and I was very happy to have the night nurse we had- she is excellent!

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