Sunday, April 11, 2010

Time to update!

First the good news... Ryan is doing well! He is now 4 yrs 1 1/2 months old- how does time fly! Ryan has been attending Sunday School and seems to really enjoy going. We tried karate and decided that he doesn't like it. He also just recently found out he will be a big brother to a sister! Somedays he wishes baby was a boy, but seems to be pretty excited about being a big brother. We are very excited to be bringing this blessing into our lives in Aug.!

And now the medical- unfun stuff.... Ryan had been saying "what" alot and I figured it was a boy thing and because of his dad's hearing loss was picking up on the habit of saying what. Just to be safe I decided he should get his hearing checked. We also have noticed every since very little that Ryan snores- quite well! One night he fell asleep on the living room floor before bedtime and I noticed he was actually obstructing his airway and waking himself up to take a breath. So, it was time for an ENT appoint. First Ryan had his hearing checked and for the most part was pretty cooperative- everytime he heard a beep he had to put a peg into a hole. This is when we learned that yes Ryan has some hearing loss. He is unable to hear some of the low tones, most likely due to chronic fluid in his ears when little. He doesn't have fluid in them now, which is a good thing. We meet with the ENT dr and he checked Ryan over. To my surprise his tonsils are pretty big and before we knew it we were scheduling Ryan for surgery. Ryan will be having his adenoids and tonsils out on May 6th. I am hoping that things will be much better for him afterwards. Ryan can be pretty hyper at times and this could actually be from lack of good quality sleep- or just that he is an active 4 yr old boy!

Ryan is outside playing as I type and I must go check on him!!! I will update after his surgery!

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