Saturday, May 8, 2010

Surgery- tonsils and adenoids

Ryan had surgery on Thursday May 6th to have his tonsils and adenoids removed. We also had blood drawn for allergy testing. We had to be at the surgery center at 7am. He got checked in- weight and height 38 lbs and 43 inches. His oxygen levels surprised me that they were only 95%. Daddy walked Ryan back to the OR and stayed with him until he fell asleep- It was only a matter of seconds before RJ returned. About 20 minutes later the surgeon came to talk to us- he was already done! He said that Ryan's adenoids were HUGE! His tonsils weren't as bad, but still needed to come out. His lab work for allergy testing should be back in a week or so. Then about 30 minutes later we got to see Ryan. They brought him to us in this oversized padded wagon- he was sleepy and had his hands behind his head as he always does when he sleeps. He cuddled up in daddy's arms and dozed off and on. Finally he took a freezie pop and some water. He was pretty sleepy. Daddy left and got Ryan a new toy- a bobcat with tracks- not wheels- Ryan's request. Ryan hasn't let go out it since. Each day he is getting a little better. He can be strong willed when not wanting to drink or take pain meds, but figures out quickly that they do help. I am looking forward to him breathing easier- his oxygen levels after surgery were 98%. I hope that he is able to be more rested also. He is my trooper- it is amazing how kids bounce back from things and keep on going.

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