Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Ryan is officially done with physical therapy and his neurologist, who we saw on 8/11, no longer feels that we need to continue under his care!!!! I am very happy about this! Aug. 14th will mark 2 years since Ryan's last seizure and all the things he has to indure. It will be nice not having to go to PT 2 times a week. The neurologist did tell me to watch for any problems that might come up when starts school-he said at 2nd grade if there is any learning problems or other issues to make sure we call him right away. So, we have one more appointment in Dec. with the Rehab dr. and then I am hoping this will be the end of this long road! Ryan is doing great- he still has a few things that we will continue to work on- strengthening his ankles, throwing a ball.

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Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you and everything you do for me and ryan. It makes me feel very special to have a wife like you. I am greatful that you take the time to right this stuff down for all to see and Ryan in the future. I am teary eyed and ashamed it took me this long to look at this site.You have truly done a great job.

Love your husband