Monday, July 27, 2009

Yikes it has been a long time!

But I do think that it is a good thing I haven't updated for such a long time! Ryan is doing very well! We went to his Rehab appointment in June thinking he would need shorter braces and the dr. decided to only keep him in his orthotics that just go in his shoes to help with being flat foot. So, no braces up to his ankles- yeah! The Rehab dr also decided instead of every seeing him every 3 months we now can go to every 6 months! We are still doing PT, but very close to graduating! We went on a bike ride the other day and when we got back I realized that we had gone 1 1/2 miles!!! His little legs were going around and around so fast! This is amazing since a year ago, just walking was a very tiring task! We go to see the neurologist Aug. 11th and I am guessing that he will say we no longer need to come see him! It has been almost two years since Ryan's last seizure!!!! (Aug. 14th, 2007). Ryan has been enjoying the summer riding his bike and going swimming. He is 3 1/2 and is in the testing stage- he keeps his mom and dad constantly evaluating their parenting techniques! I will update again when we see the neurologist and when Ryan graduates from PT!!!!

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