Thursday, May 7, 2009


Ryan has continued to do very well with potty training! I can safely say that he is fully potty trained! We were told last Thursday that Ryan will be getting another 6 months of physical therapy. They want to continue to work on strengthening and improving his balance/coordination. I was a little sad that they decided he needs more PT, but know this is what he needs. He could possibly not need the full 6 months though. Ryan and I will be going to Michigan to meet some mommies of other Feb 2006 babies (now 3 yr olds) that I have chatted on the internet for the last 4 years! We are flying and I am very excited! We will only be going Fri- Sun, but it will be a fun trip! There will be 6-8 other moms and their kids! Ryan is loving that it is spring and can't get enough of being outside. Since he has been more active we have made 2 trips to Great steps in the last 3 weeks due to him getting blisters from his braces. So, Great steps has been doing adjustments and we hope that his feet will get better. He has been limping slightly in the last 3 days, I am guessing from his feet being sore, but we will continue to watch that. I must get to bed, work tomorrow and then off to Michigan on Friday!

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