Saturday, April 18, 2009

It has been much too long since I updated!

Ryan has some big news! He has been in big boy underwear for 8 days and nights now!!! He does have an accident here and there, but is doing very very well! He was dry all day and night yesterday! We are very proud of him! Ryan has been going to OT since March (has gone 4 times for a hour) and has had some big improvements! He is sleeping through the night- mommy and daddy are very happy. His behaviors and sensory issues are much much better also! I am glad we decided to keep that appointment. Ryan continues with PT 2 times a week for 3o minutes each time. I am hoping that he soon will not need as much- would like to get him in a swimming class this summer. Ryan had his ECHO done aboout 3 weeks ago with normal results, so we will not be doing anymore testing on him unless something else changes. It is a little frustrating not to have a confirmed diagnosis- even though I know we will probably never will. It is hard not knowing the whys, hows, whats. I am happy that whatever happened is on the mild side and he is doing well. Ryan had a Rehab appointment a month ago, and the dr felt he may need some sort of brace/support for his ankles and legs for life, but doesn't feel that he will need as much as he has now. I am hoping at his next appt in June that he will be able to get a shorter brace that will still give him ankle support, but doesn't go all the way to his knees. Ryan is very flexible and has loose joints, so he does need some support so his ankles don't give out. Well, it is time to get him some lunch- just wanted to get an update on here!


Angela said...

WTG on the potty training!! I hope he can get a smaller brace. Good luck!!

Connie Huff said...

Congratulations, Ryan - big boy shorts! Yippee!
Thank you for the updates, Kristin, and for the adorable birthday photos. I am so happy Ryan is doing so well.
Enjoy the summer and your beautiful boy,