Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Weaning off Keppra!!!

We have started to wean Ryan off his Keppra. We will cut his dose by a 3rd for the next 3 weeks and then he will competely off! We are to continue to monitor his fatigue and weakness to see this improves. He will be competely off by Nov. 12th and will have a repeat EEG Dec. 12 as a routine thing they do after stopping a med.


Anonymous said...

just curious- my dd is on keppra as well and her doc. gives us green light to wean but did not give instruction only 1/4 of the 500mg pill- how are you weaning morning and evening dose- do you reduce morning first for a few weeks then evening and so on- thanks for your inputs-

Kristin said...

I wish I could find the piece of paper that told us how to do it, but you really need to call your dr back- sorry I am just seeing this now!!! Ryan was on liquid Keppra and yes we did cut the dose and then eventually stopped the am dose than the pm dose. Best of luck to you!