Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The results are in!

I happy to report that Ryan's EKG, MRI of head & spine, and his EEG are all NORMAL!!! I have not gotten to talk to the neurologist yet, so I don't know the plan of weaning his anti-seizure med yet, but do know that we will now get him off his med! Yeah! The neurologist's nurse has to call me back when she gets the results of his blood work. One lab will not be back for about a month- so I won't know that one for awhile. Ryan is starting to show a little improvement from going to physical therapy and wearing orthotics. He is now able to ride a bike and can jump without needing help. There are still other areas to improve on, but we will get there. We are very happy with these results!

Got a call back from the neurologist's office and all the labs that are back are also NORMAL! We only have the one lab that takes a month to get back to wait for now. That lab is a DNA genetic test and that is why it will take longer.

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