Friday, October 17, 2008

Ryan's big day

Today is Ryan's big day at Children's Hospital in Mpls. Ryan will have is EKG, MRI of head and spine, labs, and EEG done. I will update on how the day went when we get home.

We left at 6 am and got home at 7:15 pm- it has been a looong day! Ryan was a trooper! At 8:45 he had his EKG- I filled out the paperwork and RJ took him in the room to have it done. Ryan didn't mind it at all. Then we had to wait around until 9:30 to go get ready for his MRI of his head and spine. I used to work at the Children's hospital and haven't been there for 3 years, so everywhere we went I would run into someone I use to work with. It was really nice seeing them again. Ryan got his IV started and they drew 12mls of blood- he cried a little, but did very well. His MRI was suppose to start at 10:30, but it didn't until 10:50. Ryan was doing well with the waiting until about 5 minutes before and then he was running out of the room wanting juice and to go home. He didn't care that he had an IV in his arm. The last time he had anything to drink was 7am and hadn't eaten since 7:30 pm last night. He did very well with this. We took him in the MRI room and they gave him his sedation in his IV and he fell "asleep". RJ and I ran and got something to eat and 1 hour 30 minutes later he was done. It took Ryan a little longer to wake up than "normal", but I think he was tired from being up at 5:30am. Then we had to wait around until 2 pm for his EEG. He did very well with this also. We stopped on the way home and bought him a toy for doing such a good job. We also went out to eat- so we could have been home alittle earlier, but the thought of trying to find something to cook was not something I wanted to do. We should hear back about the MRI and EEG by Tuesday (that is a guess). They told us his EKG was perfectly normal- so no heart problems- yeah! The blood work, we will get some results right away, and others will take at least a month. He had some DNA (genetic) tests done and they take longer. I will be really surprised if anything is abnormal- I still believe his seizure med is to blame, also being sedated for 4 days and having drug withdrawls may have something do with his weakness and low tone. So I will update when we get the results back. Thank you for all keeping Ryan in your thoughts and prayers. I am relieved this day is over!

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