Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ryan's neurologist appt.

Ryan has been off his anti-seizure med for 4 weeks now. He had an EEG done to make sure he has no seizure activity off of the med. His EEG came back normal. We talked to the neurologist also about doing genetic testing and he too felt it was a good idea- so we will be getting it done. Ryan doesn't have to see the neurologist until Aug 2009! Which as long as things go well, will be his 2 year seizure free anniversary!

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Rob Taci Amalia Athan said...

Just wanted to pop on and check on Ryan and look at the news!!Congrats Ryan and Mom and Dad! I had those same tests myself. I pray he stays seizure free and if you ever can meet up with me, lets!!
Taci (from Misfit Moms!!)