Thursday, December 11, 2008

Appt with Rehab Dr.

Ryan had his follow up appt today with Rehab at Gillette. Ryan has been going to physical therapy for 3 months now. He has improved in a few areas- able to jump, ride a bike, but continues to struggle with walking. He continues to walk with his toes pointed inward and on his toes- doesn't put his heel completely down. He has been wearing braces inside his shoes, but they don't seem to be helping him. So at the appt. we talked about getting him new braces called AFO's. They go all the way up to his knees. Ryan walks with his hips instead of his thigh muscles. The braces are to help him walk on his foot instead of his toes. The problem with him walking on his toes is that his calf musclses ares starting to get tight. We will have to watch him closely with the new braces so that he is not losing more muscle and that they aren't causing more hip problems. We also talked about Ryan having genetic testing done to better determine why his is having hypotonia. Hypotonia is usually a sign or symptom of something else. The Dr. feels that even though all his tests and come back normal, Ryan could have a central nervous system problem.

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