Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Some updates on Ryan

Ryan has been having an evaluation done by Early Childhood Intervention (Child Link). Today, we got the results back. Ryan is average to above average on his communication and cognitive skills. His fine and gross motor are below average, which we already knew. Although, he is not below average enough to qualify for free services. So, we will continue to do private physical therapy. Ryan has some troubles with adaptive behavior- he has what is called sensory defensiveness. Ryan has trouble with being overstimulated- by noise, busy, crowded areas. He also gets overstimulated by things on his skin. Ryan moves from one thing to another frequently because he gets fatigued/ and or struggles with being over stimulated. He will be getting an OT eval on March 5th to get some ideas on how to help Ryan with this. He continues to be a very fun loving, happy boy! We recently also learned that Ryan does have a diagnosis of epilepsy- which I did not know until getting his neurologists' notes. I questioned this when I saw it written. It has been frustrating to try and figure out the why's and how's, especially when the doctors don't tell us things! I asked the neurologist about this and the reason for why we didn't see problems with Ryan's tone sooner. I was told because he has had more than one seizure- that qualifies as a seizure disorder, but in the long run hopefully it won't mean anything at all. The neurologist feels Ryan could possibly have a neurological disorder that took time to progress for us to see the hypotonia. Thankfully, Ryan has responded very well to physical therapy. We have a very busy March coming up with dr appt and PT/OT. I will try to keep this updated.

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