Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Met with the peds dr.

We went to see a Pedi. at 11 and I am still a little numb about what we decided to do. Ryan will have an EEG and a MRI done. I am glad something is being done, but kinda scared at why it is being done. His Dr. is concerned about the type of seizures he has had and think we need to check things out some more. When Ryan has a seizure his eyes have gone up and to the left- this doesn't normally happen with a febrile seizure. She is also concerned with the onset of his seizures- usually with a febrile seizure the child is sick first- Ryan has not be sick until after his seizure. I am sad that Ryan will have to be sedated to have his MRI, but as a nurse who use to do the sedation, I know it is a routine easy thing to do. The clinic has to call me when the EEG is scheduled and the MRI has to be approved by insurance first, so I don't know when all of it will be done yet. If Ryan is to have another seizure lasting more than 2 minutes we are to call 911. I really hope we don't have to think about that. I felt very comfortable with this dr.- she sat and talked with me for almost an hour! Ryan is back to his usual self- going after the cats and messing up the house!

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